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Lonely Woman

Living in society which women have been locked down in was painful for me. Let me put it in this way, there are some women among us suffering from loneliness in their lives.

The women whose only life goal is being with a man cannot be a good sample for other women. Lonely woman is not a woman who is unwanted, unselected, unloved and is not cleaver or doesn’t know how to be a female. Doesn’t know how to cook Dolma (a kind of Turkish’s food), doesn’t know how to wash the clothes, or not able to do anything. A lonely woman is the one who hasn’t accepted, the cruelty indicted on her. Who hasn’t achieved her self-confidence from a man’s love.

She doesn’t need anyone’s credit card for buying Gucci shoes which she really liked. She has fallen in love, not because someone asked her. Not for society pressure or the people around. She has fallen in love,  only and only for the fiery heart of she doesn’t get dependent on the first devaluated person she meets just because it’s getting late to have a baby. And when she finds out the person is devaluated she would ignore herself her pride and her personality by saying: ‘’Oh, no one worth it.’’ A lonely woman has made a choice, she confronts the social violence and wins by loving herself. She loves the life as much as she loves herself, stands on her feet. The lonely woman has understood, she isn’t that much alone while she’s taking time for herself and the others around also doing the things she enjoys. She loves herself and raises the sails of her heart up for the greatest and the truest love. She doesn’t need anyone’s confirmation after she confirmed herself. She has gained experience, made mistakes but hasn’t given up yet and it continues. She has learnt that staying in a relationship and keeps in on at any cost would not be success. She prefers to lose others instead of losing herself! One day a lone woman wrote a book instead of cooking Dolma and with this haven’t leave other women alone. Once she’ll cook Dolma too and she’ll enjoy it even when she’s eating it alone as much as she enjoys eating it with her husband or her child or her friend. When the lonely woman looks at herself in the mirror or puts her head on pillow, when she laughs or cries with Sezen Aksu’s song, when she looks at the past and the future if her heart was in peace, she hasn’t been alone indeed.

The strangers pass, you will remain for yourself if you are not enough for yourself, you will be only like happy photos on instagram (not more)

Nothing is accidental!

Nothing is accidental! I believe in that. Those who we face to in our life, (whoever they are) are the right people.

No one enters your life accidentally. There’s a reason that anyone enters our lives or is around us. They take us somewhere or they teach us something. Every day is a new beginning. You should start from the scratch.

Every moment that you start is a valuable moment. It’s neither late nor early if you want to change your life. It’s not late to change everything. Our age, our situation never matters. It’s just enough to move ahead with this intent. Mevlana : when you step forward, the path will be shown up. I do repeat, there are no accidental meetings in life. Those we meet, will take us somewhere or they will teach us something.

An excellent story!

When life become unbearable to you when 24 hour isn’t enough to handle work that time remember jar and two cups of coffee story.

One day, a philosophy professor came to class with some tools: He puts an empty jar on desk before had started teaching. Then he filled jar with tennis balls to capacity ‘’Did jar fill?’’ He asked from his student. ‘’Yes, filled.’’ All students answered. Then professor picked up screes from a little box and poured inside jar. Screes poured and taking place between empty spaces of tennis balls. ‘’Did jar fill?’’ He asked from his student again. ‘’Yes, filled.’’ All students answered again. This time professor picked up a box on desk contain of sand and poured inside jar. Of course this time sands poured and taking place between empty spaces of screes. Professor asked from his student same question again and ‘’Yes, filled.’’ students answered again. This time Professor picked up two cups of ready coffee on desk and pure inside jar slowly. And this time coffee take place between empty spaces of sands again. Students laughed. This jar is your life professor turned to them and said that. Tennis balls is your important in your life, for example your families, your children, your healthy and your friends… If you lose other things, this things is enough for continuing life. Screes is important things too but with a lower grade; like your job, your home and your relatives… Sands is other things with low grade too. Maybe there was no vacant place for screes and especially for tennis balls if you filled jar with sands in start. Same thing true to our life. If you spend your time and your energy for worthless things; this time, don’t remain enough time for important things. Focus more on things that make you happy. Play with your children, take care of your health. Go to the restaurant with those you love, provide your home needful. First of all poured tennis balls inside jar. Make a correct priority. The rest is always sand…

‘’Professor, what’s the role of two cups of coffee here?’’ Asked a student with curiously ‘’I was waiting for this question!’’ professor laughing and said.

If you had a busy life, always take time for drink a cup of coffee with friends and those you love.

Stay away from negative people!

I have learned that if a person criticizes, judges, and underestimates others that if because of fears of failures and shames of his/her own.

Isn’t it time to stop worrying about what are saying or thinking about you? You are concerned about everyone, what they may think about you but for sure no one else is thinking about you as much as you are.

This concern is nothing but you. People do not care about you too much, they probably will not remember you later. If you do not mean anything for others, then why do you care about their thoughts about you.

Why do you take in shape according to their thoughts, criticisms, judgments. Why do you shape the one inside of you according to someone outside. Be yourself. Listen to the whisper of your heart, not the noise of others.

Don’t lose your hope!

Whatever happens in your life, don’t lose your hope.

When all doors remain closed, God will open up a secret narrow path only for you that no one knows about.

Some times closing a door will be resulted in opening the other goodness doors.

Be thankful! It is easy to be thankful when you have received what you desire. A Sufi is thankful even when he’s not been given.

Be patient! Patience does not mean to passively endure and stay waiting It means to see the future and be still hopeful. What does patience mean? It means to look at the thorn and see the rose, to look at the night and see the dawn.

We are each an unfinished work of art. Everything that happens all the obstacles we overcome, are designed for our completion.


Hi, this is Hakan Mengüç.

I’ve learnt, there may not be a tomorrow for the things that we don’t dare to do today or we postpone them for later. Don’t say : ‘’let’s do it tomorrow!’’ Yo may not be living tomorrow.

It’s never late for anything. Life’s too short to be postponed. Say : ‘’I love you’’ to the one you love just today. Do the things you want just today.

Experiencing small things is better than experiencing nothing. I do repeat : ‘’It’s never late for anything.’’ Yes, maybe the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, but the best second change is today!

Please don’t postpone life! Because you may delay but time and life will not!

Be patience!

At the very moment, you want to give up on everything, remember what you fighting, and wait!

Challenges give extraordinary power to ordinary people what makes you tired is not the hill you try to clime, it is the pebble in your shoes…

Be Patience! Never give up! Sometimes, in order for everything to come together, things need to fall apart first.

Be patient! Your body will over come and trouble, if you know how to convince your mind. Trough darkness comes light remember the sun who rises every morning!

Be Patient… Being patience means moving forward even if your wings are broken. It is not submission, it is fighting.

The best days are yet to come!

Life doesn’t seem fair, but it’s still beautiful

Life doesn’t seem fair, but it’s still beautiful. Life is too short to be wasted on hating anyone.

Don’t say; I don’t see miracles. Get outside, miracles are everywhere.

You don’t have to win in every debates. Don’t explore your life too much. Start to move forward, do what you must.

Reconcile your past to not ruin your future. Don’t care if no one sees you crying. Don’t compare your life with others, since you have no idea how they’ve got here.

Don’t forget. What doesn’t kill you, make you stronger. The best events are the ones which have not happened yet. Don’t lose your hope…

A woman is most beautiful when she is happy

Hi, this is Hakan Mengüç.

A woman is most beautiful when she is happy. The happier she is, the more beautiful she becomes. When she is happier she loves truly. If she loves truly you become happy, too. Do not upset a woman.

If you don’t know your values you have to live with a life of what if’s. You want to be happy? If yo want to be happy, never worry about people who talk behind your back. Don’t suppose that everyone keep their promises. Don’t think that anyone you meet is just like you. Do not care for others more than they deserve. Choose the one who makes you feel at peace but not unhappy.

For the people that envy you, just smile and let them all go. Remember, take who upsets you out of your life so that you can find a place for your loved ones.