Kalbin temizse hikayen mutlu biter!

Lonely Woman

Living in society which women have been locked down in was painful for me. Let me put it in this way, there are some women among us suffering from loneliness in their lives.

The women whose only life goal is being with a man cannot be a good sample for other women. Lonely woman is not a woman who is unwanted, unselected, unloved and is not cleaver or doesn’t know how to be a female. Doesn’t know how to cook Dolma (a kind of Turkish’s food), doesn’t know how to wash the clothes, or not able to do anything. A lonely woman is the one who hasn’t accepted, the cruelty indicted on her. Who hasn’t achieved her self-confidence from a man’s love.

She doesn’t need anyone’s credit card for buying Gucci shoes which she really liked. She has fallen in love, not because someone asked her. Not for society pressure or the people around. She has fallen in love,  only and only for the fiery heart of she doesn’t get dependent on the first devaluated person she meets just because it’s getting late to have a baby. And when she finds out the person is devaluated she would ignore herself her pride and her personality by saying: ‘’Oh, no one worth it.’’ A lonely woman has made a choice, she confronts the social violence and wins by loving herself. She loves the life as much as she loves herself, stands on her feet. The lonely woman has understood, she isn’t that much alone while she’s taking time for herself and the others around also doing the things she enjoys. She loves herself and raises the sails of her heart up for the greatest and the truest love. She doesn’t need anyone’s confirmation after she confirmed herself. She has gained experience, made mistakes but hasn’t given up yet and it continues. She has learnt that staying in a relationship and keeps in on at any cost would not be success. She prefers to lose others instead of losing herself! One day a lone woman wrote a book instead of cooking Dolma and with this haven’t leave other women alone. Once she’ll cook Dolma too and she’ll enjoy it even when she’s eating it alone as much as she enjoys eating it with her husband or her child or her friend. When the lonely woman looks at herself in the mirror or puts her head on pillow, when she laughs or cries with Sezen Aksu’s song, when she looks at the past and the future if her heart was in peace, she hasn’t been alone indeed.

The strangers pass, you will remain for yourself if you are not enough for yourself, you will be only like happy photos on instagram (not more)