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Who is Hakan Menguc?

Hakan Mengüç as a writer, a musician and a speaker is recognized by the masses in Turkey. 

He has managed to reach hundreds of thousands of readers so far with his books “I am Ney” and “If your heart is clean, your story ends happy,” and “Nothing is a coincidence,” and with the teaching he built on the foundations of the Sufi philosophy. 

Hakan Mengüç managed to touch the hearts of millions of people through his seminars at home and abroad. 

He gives speeches and seminars about Sufi and Rumi philosophy and performs traditional sufi music

His books have been translated into English, German, Persian, Bulgarian, Albanian and Russian. 

The young writer, who is both an academician and president of the Sufi Academy, which was opened under the Girne American University, is also a “ney” (sufi flute) virtuoso. 

He reached millions with the songs he played with “ney” on social media.

His philosophy of life

While explaining his philosophy of life built on hopefulness and sharing hope, he says: “Hopefulness is not a pure optimism. It is not to ignore the tragedy that humanity faces. Hope means seeing every possibility and doing your best for good rather than sitting at your house and cursing evil.” 

Hakan Mengüç argues that it is enough for even one person to believe in the continuity of hope on earth. “Moreover, this person can be you,” he says. “Then, you will continue to expand to become another “you” and another “you” and turn into “we”. 

Ney (reed flute) is not an ordinary instrument; it is a mediator that contacts you with divinity.

That is why Hakan Mengüç has adopted the idea of “Burn a candle instead of swearing in the darkness…” And as his teachers suggest, the young writer, who aspires to make efforts to enlighten others with the candle he lights, wishes to encourage others to light new candles on this path. 

As Rumi said: “When a candle ignites another candle, it does not lose anything from its own light. On the contrary, it leads to the enlightenment of the darkness. ”

“When a candle ignites another candle, it does not lose anything from its own light. On the contrary, it leads to the enlightenment of the darkness. ”

Hakan Menguc Music

Hakan Menguc sufi music with ney (reed sufi flute) | 10 million viewers

What dıd they say about Hakan Mengüç?

“I am writing Hakan Mengüç’s books as a prescription for my patients.”

M.D. Zeynep Demirçay

Hakan Mengüç has a character that is well suited to the definition of his work … Patient, lenient and tolerant towards every thought. Hakan internalized every technique he applied and completely processed it. I think this makes him even more special and privileged … ”

– Psy. D. Esra Ezmeci

“When I watched Hakan Mengüç at the seminar for the first time, I thought he had a special light given by God. He illuminates people with this light and touches their hearts. ”

– Ferhat Atik, Award Winning Writer-Director

“Hakan Mengüç is one of the pioneers of the Sufi philosophy in the 21st century.”

– Serhat Akpınar, Founding President of Girne American University