When life become unbearable to you when 24 hour isn’t enough to handle work that time remember jar and two cups of coffee story.

One day, a philosophy professor came to class with some tools: He puts an empty jar on desk before had started teaching. Then he filled jar with tennis balls to capacity ‘’Did jar fill?’’ He asked from his student. ‘’Yes, filled.’’ All students answered. Then professor picked up screes from a little box and poured inside jar. Screes poured and taking place between empty spaces of tennis balls. ‘’Did jar fill?’’ He asked from his student again. ‘’Yes, filled.’’ All students answered again. This time professor picked up a box on desk contain of sand and poured inside jar. Of course this time sands poured and taking place between empty spaces of screes. Professor asked from his student same question again and ‘’Yes, filled.’’ students answered again. This time Professor picked up two cups of ready coffee on desk and pure inside jar slowly. And this time coffee take place between empty spaces of sands again. Students laughed. This jar is your life professor turned to them and said that. Tennis balls is your important in your life, for example your families, your children, your healthy and your friends… If you lose other things, this things is enough for continuing life. Screes is important things too but with a lower grade; like your job, your home and your relatives… Sands is other things with low grade too. Maybe there was no vacant place for screes and especially for tennis balls if you filled jar with sands in start. Same thing true to our life. If you spend your time and your energy for worthless things; this time, don’t remain enough time for important things. Focus more on things that make you happy. Play with your children, take care of your health. Go to the restaurant with those you love, provide your home needful. First of all poured tennis balls inside jar. Make a correct priority. The rest is always sand…

‘’Professor, what’s the role of two cups of coffee here?’’ Asked a student with curiously ‘’I was waiting for this question!’’ professor laughing and said.

If you had a busy life, always take time for drink a cup of coffee with friends and those you love.