Hakan Mengüç is a Turkish musician, sufi author and speaker. He is considered traditional Mevlevi Sufi music and is one of the best-known players of the Turkish ney (reed flute).

Contact number: +90 (530) 153 43 85 (For event or music organizations)

More video: http://instagram.com/hakanmengucenglish

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Hakan Menguc second book. 110,000 copy sold in 6 months (Published on: January 2019)


Who is Hakan Menguc?

Hakan Mengüc was a kid as he has started to develop interest for music. At his age of 15 he has begun playing both the typical Meditation instrument of sufis known as „Nay“ and the piano. In cause of his interest in „Nay“ he had discovered „tasavvuf“, the inner dimension of Islam, and also sufi`s special Lifestyle who are the practitioners of tasavvuf. In consequence of he got started researches which he had intensified by acquiring the old otoman language. Years later he traveled tot he hometown of Shams Tabriz who was especially known as being Mevlana’s mentor causing his religious maturity.

Ther Hakan Mengüc had received special religious education. From his age of 20 up to nowadays he offers various seminars on the following topics: Get to know oneself, subsconscious, to live for the moment and the philosophy of sufism, hapiness. As a result of his speeches at universities he had received awards and was invited four times by TEDx to participate in conversations.

Through his writings and videos uploaded on social networks he had achieved a lot of with his writings and videos on social networks, he succeeded in attraction the attention of many people. In total, he is followed by 2 million interested parties. Moved by Mengüc’s interest in psychology and animals, he travelled to South Africa. There he lived with leon and bengal tigers. He enjoyed an education in both nursing and rehabilitation.

Mengüc describes himself as a Sufi, musician, author, but also as someone who shares his knowledge and experience as a consultant.

Hakan Menguc first book. 105,000 copy sold (Published on: January 2018)

His philosophy of life

His philisophy of life is based on hope as well as the desire to share hope with others. Being hopeful does not mean naiv niceness or ignoring tragedies that people endure. Hope means enabling all ways of good action instead of cursing about the bad. Even the existence of one human being is enough to bring hope into being. This human could be you, too. Gradually there will be more and more of „you“, so that finally a „we“ will result from it. Mengüc therefore rejects cursing about the bad conditions and supports the philosophy of life „ignite a candle“. Just as his teachers recommended to him, he wishes to light his candle. A candle loses nothing of its light, when it injectss other candles“, says Mevlana. On the contrary, it illuminates the darkness.

Hakan Menguc Music

Hakan Menguc sufi music with piano
Hakan Menguc sufi music with ney (reed sufi flute)